Jumat, 29 Februari 2008

An Iconic Look in High Demand

Often, people refuse to look at anything else,” said Terry Horrocks, owner of Prudential Terry Horrocks Real Estate in Lake Placid, N.Y., referring to Adirondack-style homes. Whether on a historic home or on new construction, the style’s twig-filigree detailing, stone appointments and bark-sheathed surfaces appeal to buyers who want to own a part of, or pay tribute to, the region’s rustic history.
Popularity of the style has soared over the last 10 years,” said Mike Damp, owner of Century 21 High Peaks Realty in Lake Placid, noting that the trend coincided with the boom in the market.

But the available number of homes in that style in Lake Placid is extremely limited, and turnover is rare. The area’s historic great camps, with their multiple structures and lakefront acreage, are often both more expansive and more expensive than many second-home seekers want or can afford.

In response, builders and architects have revived the style, making it possible to purchase a brand new Adirondack-style home, or to remodel and winterize one of the originals with attention to historic detail.

Prices for these homes, no matter what tier of the market, are greater than for otherwise equal counterparts. “Take any two houses of equal value, and the one that’s Adirondack style will sell for more,” Mr. Damp said.

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